We provide high-quality occupational and environmental public health services to reduce health risks.



From industrial facilities to schools and hospitals, we help you identify and assess health risks in your environment, as well as offer innovative and practical solutions to mitigating those risks.


Without proper risk communication, even the best exposure assessment and control strategy can fall short.  Our breadth of experience includes communicating risks in plain language to a variety of audiences ranging from the general public to union groups.


Assessing the quality of indoor air can often be a complex and involved undertaking. We can work with you to understand the source of indoor air quality issues and together we can develop successful strategies to mitigate them.


We offer training and educational opportunities in a variety of subject areas ranging from awareness courses in hazardous materials and mould to in-depth modules on exposure assessment in industrial hygiene and environmental health.

We do a wide range of services

  • Conduct in-depth chemical reviews of new products

  • Develop health and safety programs and procedures

  • Determine the feasibility of reducing occupational exposure limits

  • Communicate risk in stakeholder engagement meetings

  • Research factors affecting electric and magnetic fields and radiofrequency fields

  • Evaluate the efficacy of air purifying technologies and antimicrobial-impregnated materials